Board Members

Board Members and Directors

John Maretti - President (Contact)
Norm Rosene- Vice President (Contact)
Karen Falconer - Secretary (Contact)
Lori Finch - Treasurer (Contact)

Leah Critchfield
Sandy Doolittle
Melody Herman
Holly Keeler
Kate Leyden
Maureen Milligan
Jeannie Pittman

Membership Chairperson: Melody Herman (Contact)

Staff Coordinators:

Butte County Animal Control: Karen Falconer
Communications – Dave Bequette
Community Outreach – Leah Critchfield
Emergency Response Directory (ERD) – Holly Keeler
Equipment Director – Kate Leyden
Evacuation – Maureen Milligan
Facebook: Melody Herman
Fundraising – Vacant - Volunteer to help! send a message
Grants – Vacant - Volunteer to help! send a message
Historian – Melody Herman
ID Coordinator/Facilitator – Kate Leyden
IFAW Coordinator- John Maretti
Insurance – Lori Finch
Public Information – Sandy Doolittle
Shelter – Karen Falconer
Technical Coordinator – Ed Doyle
Training – John Maretti
Uniforms – Sandy Doolittle
Website – Kate Leyden/Ed Doyle

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