The Camp Fire has moved beyond the initial disaster/evacuation phase to the recovery phase.

NVADG, as an immediate emergency disaster-response organization, has wound down our Camp Fire emergency response.  The emergency shelters are closed and our local daily shelters are handling the daily shelter activities.  NVADG emergency shelter equipment is being repaired and replaced.  We are getting prepared for the next disaster, when we will again activate to provide immediate emergency shelter and evacuation for animals. CampFireSIP1

Disaster Service AreaWe activate during emergencies, when the quantity of animals and calls would overwhelm Animal Control services and daily shelters.  The Camp Fire generated over 10,000 calls and 3,500 requests for service from people evacuated from their homes.  The role of NVADG is to provide temporary disaster response for evacuation and care of animals.  We help people by helping their animals during a disaster.  We deactivate when the evacuation is over and local animal control can manage the workload.

All of the Camp Fire animals who were in our emergency shelters were reunited, fostered or surrendered for adoption.  This applies to the 4,000 animals who went through the emergency shelters.  We applaud the work of the hundreds of volunteers who worked to track down owners all over Northern California.   About 300 cats and 27 dogs were relocated to local animal shelters for adoption when the emergency shelters closed.  Livestock found new homes with 4-H and FFA students.

Today, there are still animals being found on the Ridge, and reunifications happening, thanks to the many volunteers and animal control shelters in the community.  We appreciate the daily work being done on behalf of all lost and found animals to provide care, reunification and fostering.  Historically we know animals will resurface for months after a fire.  If you are still looking for your pet, check back with these volunteers and with the local animal shelters. 

NVADG is extremely proud of our volunteers for the thousands of hours of service they provided during the worst fire in California history. We are grateful and appreciative of our tremendous supporters who donated to help the animals during this horrific disaster. “Thank you” does not begin to convey our gratitude for your efforts during this difficult time. Please understand that your help and support saved or improved the lives of thousands of animals.

ASPCA NVADGWe hope that you will continue to volunteer with the group, or support NVADG as we move forward with future disaster responses. Please follow NVADG at: and NVADG on Facebook. At our annual training in January, 160 new volunteers went through the 16-hour basic training to become NVADG-trained.  They join the other hundreds of volunteers who are ready to respond during the next fire, flood, or earthquake.  Our next annual training is the 3rd week in January. 

NVADG is prepared to help people evacuate by helping their animals whenever that next disaster occurs.

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