Things are beginning to wind down for the Camp Fire animal rescue response. The four emergency animal shelters are now closed. Clean-up of the shelter sites is CampFireSIP1occurring as part of the demobilization phase. This is a big job as over 4000 animals passed through the intake and sheltering operations. Equipment is being repaired and replaced, supplies are being restocked, and the Del Oro and Camelot shelters are being prepared for the next disaster.

All of the owned animals have been reunified with their families, or are being fostered in good homes at the request of the owners. All of the large animals and livestock have been reunified with owners or adopted by regional FFA and 4-H programs. The NVADG reunification effort was amazingly successful, and was accomplished through direct community outreach, flyers, radio and TV, print media, and online.

About 300 unclaimed cats and 30 unclaimed dogs were relocated to the four local Butte County animal shelters, and a few Vet clinics. They have been microchipped, and are being spayed and neutered prior to adoption. No Camp Fire animal survivors will be euthanized, and feral cats have been sent to Barn cat programs.

NVADG is extremely proud of our volunteers for the thousands of hours of service they provided during the worst fire in California history. We are grateful and appreciative of our tremendous supporters who donated to help the animals during this horrific disaster. “Thank you” does not begin to convey our gratitude for your efforts during this difficult time. Please understand that your help and support saved or improved the lives of thousands of animals.

We hope that you will continue to volunteer with the group, or support NVADG as we move forward with future disaster responses. Please follow NVADG at: and NVADG on Facebook. Our yearly training calendar is listed on the website. We continue to actively train about 300 volunteers so that we may be ready for the next fire, flood, or earthquake. NVADG will be prepared to help the animals whenever that next disaster occurs.

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