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If this is an emergency, please call our hotline at 530-895-0000.  Emails are not monitored regularly when we are busy working active evacuations.

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If this is an emergency, please call our hotline at 530-895-0000.  Emails are not monitored regularly when we are busy working active evacuations.

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(530) 895-0000

  • Do you shelter animals during a single-family tragedy? +

    No. We are not an Animal Shelter. At times of large disasters, we may set up a Temporary Animal Shelter in the field to assist evacuated residents with their animals, but we have no permanent facilities to house animals. Local animal shelters frequently have facilities to assist at these times. Please contact the following shelter in your area:Chico: Butte Humane Society: 343-7917Gridley/Biggs: Animal Shelter: 846-5678 846-4825Oroville City: Animal Enforcement-Shelter-Northwest-SPCA: 533-7636Paradise: Animal Control: 872-6275

  • Who do I call about lost animals, barking dogs, aggressive animals, unattended animals, abused animals, etc.? +

    Call the Animal Control Office in your area:
    Animal Control - Butte County: 891-2907 538-7409
    Animal Control - City of Chico: 895-4926
    Animal Control - Oroville City: 533-7636
    Animal Control - Paradise: 872-6275

  • Who do I call if an animal is in a life-threatening situation and needs immediate rescuing? +

    If you have a horse trailer accident, an animal fallen down a cliff, a structural collapse with a trapped animal, or any other serious emergency, please call 911. Please remember, 911 is only to be used in real emergencies. (The Fire Department will NOT rescue cats stuck in trees.) After you call 911, please call your personal Veterinarian to respond to the scene as well to assist emergency personnel.

  • Are you a registered non-profit organization? +

    Yes! We have full 501 (c) (3) status and are a registered tax-exempt non-profit organization. Any donations that are made to NVADG are tax deductible.

  • How do I donate? +

    Select the donate menu item for information.

  • What is the commitment for Volunteers? +

    We will give you a ton of opportunities to train so you can be prepared when disaster strikes. See our calendar for training dates. A few things you'll hear over and over: The first priority is human safety, follow the chain of command, safety is #1, don't try to do anything you aren't comfortable doing .

  • How do I join? +

    New volunteers need to attend the annual training in January to get the full safety and procedure training. To join mid year, see the section on the website for New Volunteers or call the NVADG hotline at 895-0000.

  • Do you rescue Wildlife? +

    Wildlife Rescue is restricted by the Department of Fish and Game. We have some training that will allow us to assist wildlife during a large disaster, we prefer to contact Bidwell Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at (530) 343-9004 or Fish and Game at (916) 445-0411.

  • Are you an Animal Welfare Group? +

    No. Our mission statement is to assist in the sheltering and evacuation of animals in large disasters. Your local Animal Control is the best agency to call if there is an animal welfare issue.

  • Do you have a Media Representative? +

    Yes, our Public Information Officer is Sandy Doolittle. She may be contacted via our Hotline or via e-mail on our contact page.

  • Do you offer public education, presentations to service groups, etc? +

    Yes! One of our main goals it to prepare people for disasters before they happen so that they will already be safe and not have to depend on us. Call our Hotline today to make arrangements.

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