Events from March 02, 2019

  • From March 02, 2019 10:00 until March 02, 2019 13:00
    Butte Valley Pony Club Tack Depot Giveaway for Camp Fire Victims needs our help! NVADG has offered to set up a simple Community Outreach Booth and be on Stand By for extra hands on deck to help Butte Valley Pony Club hand out items to Camp Fire Animals and their humans. Please, sign up to help today! Generous donations of everything a horse could possibly use are available for Camp Fire Victims. Come get what you want and tell all of your horsey friends! Available items include; halters, leads, blankets, fly sheets, saddle pads, bridles, training aids, grooming supplies, stable equipment, leg wraps, protective boots, equestrian clothing, saddles, and MORE! Please register using your volunteer portal at:
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