Camp Fire Psychological First Aid

From January 20, 2019 09:00 until January 20, 2019 10:30
Posted by John Maretti
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One of our favorite presenters, Debbie Knight, has again agreed to give a presentation to our new volunteers on mental health. This year she has prepared a special presentation specifically for NVADG volunteers who have been affected by the Camp Fire.  Therefore we are openig up registration to both new and returning volunteers.  Whether you lost your home, or worked 60-days straight, we have all been affected by the Camp Fire. Ms. Knight is going to address our concerns and give us some tools to help guide us.

The title remains, "When Freaking out is the appropriate response," and is again a basic overview of what trauma is, how it is experienced - physically mentally, emotionally and spiritually - and how we can via education and self-care come out relatively unscathed after a trauma or series of traumas. 

The additional piece will address the implications of having gone through a major disaster also as the victims vs. being there only in a helping capacity.  She will use the Camp Fire as the back drop for many of the examples and provide additional information on secondary loss, survivors guilt, what to look for if one is going to seek professional help, (ie: what's the difference between, a psychiatrist, social worker, clinical psychologist, marriage family therapist....what to ask, basic insurance reimbursement, private pay...etc.). 

Don't miss this opportunity, and register now!