• Animal Technical Rescue Awareness/Technician Class

    Animal Technical Rescue Awareness and Technician is a California State Fire Training course that teaches advanced technical rescue techniques for the extrication and rescue of animals.  Earlier this year a class was held in Bidwell Park in Chico, coordinated through NVADG with NVADG supplies and taught by the certified training company, Animal Rescue Training.  NVADG volunteers were joined by Cal Fire firefighters and other Community Animal Rescue Team (CART) volunteers.  It was a valuable training for all the organizations involved.  NVADG appreciates being able to make this multi-agency, regional training available due to generous donations from our contributors.

  • Deployments - Nelson Fire, Oroville

    On June 17, 2020 a vegetation fire began at Nelson Ave and 16th Street, Oroville. Evacuations began and by 12:30 NVADG was activated. Luckily by 15:00 the fire crews had the fire 50% contained and by 15:30 NVADG was deactivated.


  • New volunteer information

    During ordinary disaster incidents only trained NVADG Disaster Service Worker (DSW) volunteers are activated for emergency sheltering and evacuation. 

  • The Bloomer Repeater is up and running!!

    It's Live!   L.D. Strobel Co, Inc. has installed the long awaited Bloomer antenna. This project has taken almost 2 years to complete. What does this mean for NVADG? It means that an antenna and associated feedline was added to the Butte County Tower on Bloomer Hill and is dedicated to NVADG radio traffic exclusively. According to John Maretti, NVADG Executive Director, "During the Camp Fire it became very clear that communications in our primary area of service was inadequate. We were able to set up a temporary radio repeater on Bloomer Mountain that enabled us to keep in contact with our crews in the field. This was critical since the fire was moving so rapidly." When the after-action report was reviewed NVADG made improving critical communications a high priority. "Sheriff Honea was essential in getting us permission for a permanent radio repeater on Bloomer." Maretti said. The NVADG Bloomer Repeater went live in April, just in time for the 2020 fire season.

  • The Butte Lightning Complex Fires 2020

    The Sunday, August 16 Lightning Siege had NVADG holding its collective breath.  We heard the thunder, saw the strikes, and knew the smoke would come next.

    And it did.

    By Monday there were 35 active fires covering over 100 miles north to south of Butte County.  For a while it looked like evacuations would be required in both the north and south ends of the county, potentially requiring two evacuation and sheltering locations.

    Fortunately, that did not happen.

    Evacuations began at 4pm Monday in Oroville.  NVADG, in partnership with Butte County Animal Control, opened emergency shelters for small animal and large animals.  Two evacuation teams quickly responded to requests for service. 

    Fortunately, CalFire, aircraft and mutual aid were able to contain the fire’s march toward Oroville.  They performed heroic efforts and thus far have succeeded in keeping all 35 fires from getting into populated areas of Butte County.  We extend our deepest appreciation to the men and women who have been working double and triple shifts to manage these fires.  Thank you.

    NVADG volunteers have also been supporting the emergency animal sheltering efforts on the LMU Lightning Complex.  We stand by ready to provide supplies and support across northern California.  We share everyone's concern about the potential for more dry lightning this weekend.

    NVADG has trained over 900 volunteers state-wide in the past 15 years on best practices for disaster response for animals.  We are proud to be part of the California-wide response to animal care in this very challenging time.  Thank you to all the donors and volunteers who together have made this response possible.

  • Unprecedented; the Animal Disaster Rescue Response    

    On November 8, 2018, whatever plans folks who volunteer with NVADG had for the day changed at 7:22 a.m. with a WhatsApp message from "JT" titled  Camp Fire Critical ROS.  A fire from Pulga had Concow evacuating and in the next 40 minutes, the entire town of Paradise would be under evacuation orders as well.    

  • We've been evacuating and sheltering since Tuesday Sept 8!

    Just a quick Sunday September 13 update on NVADG and the Bear/North Complex West Zone fire:

    We've been busy since the Bear Fire/North Complex West Zone fire started it's dash toward Oroville.  This fire has been erratic and dangerous, and these foothill roads can be narrow, dark and steep.  

    Thanks to the solid work of Butte County Animal Control, our shelters and evacuation teams were up and running late Tuesday afternoon.  What a dedicated team of professionals!  Our volunteers have put in over 5,000 of volunteer hours thus far - enormous thanks to all of them!  Supplementing BCAC and NVADG are mutual aid Animal Control Officers from all over the north state, and mutual aid partners from regional Community Animal Response Teams. 

    Plus we've received sensational support from IFAW, who brought teams to set up additional field shelters and help shelter-in-place animals

    Thank you to all of you who support the effort to care for animals during disasters with donations of time, money, supplies and/or positive thoughts and prayers.

    Our hearts are with those affected by the fires on the entire West Coast.  Stay strong and show kindness.

During Emergency

If this is an emergency, please call our hotline at 530-895-0000.  Emails are not monitored regularly when we are busy working active evacuations.

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If this is an emergency, please call our hotline at 530-895-0000.  Emails are not monitored regularly when we are busy working active evacuations.

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