NVADG volunteers have frequently done Shelter in Place for animals during disasters.  It’s odd to do Shelter in Place now for ourselves!  Although our current training classes are suspended, we have hundreds of trained volunteers who are prepared to help with emergency animal care if activated.  

We take a moment to honor the passing of Dotty Collett.  The Mike and Dotty Collett Animal Care Fund made significant grant donations to NVADG over the past decade.  With those early grants cash-poor NVADG was able to buy some of our initial radio equipment.  It was fitting to buy radio equipment, as Dotty shared with us her experience as both a radiowoman and a volunteer.  Those radios turned out to be crucial during the many incidents we responded to in 2016, 2017 and 2018.  

She and Mike made a difference in the world.  We send our sympathies to her friends and family.

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