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 Our phone hours are 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.  530-895-0000

After 38 days, the last evacuation zones have been opened.  We are continuing our transition of care that is best for the animals. People with pets and livestock in the emergency shelters are asked to consider a better option for their animals.  If you don't have immediate resources for care, the community wants to help you by helping your animals.  They want to temporarily provide a home for your pets through Fostering.


A Facebook "Group" has been created to match people who want to foster with people needing temporary fostering of their animals.  The site is .  You will need to have a Facebook log in to use this person-to-person service. Temporary foster care is a good solution for the family who is not in a housing situation that accommodates pets.  Let's get pets out of the emergency shelters and back in homes!  If you are able to foster a Camp Fire animal, please sign up at  Support for food and supplies for fostered animals will be available, if needed.  


Teams of volunteers are dedicated to helping rescued animals reunite with their people.  


We want to get every pet back to their families ASAP. In order to help with this effort, a website has been created at to view “lost” animals (animals that we do not know the name of the owner). Additionally, the website offers other resources to help locate your pets. Please note the "Resources" tab; some animals are currently housed outside the emergency shelter.  If you think you see your pet, call 530-895-0000 Ext 9.


We welcome the support of National Animal Rescue groups which have mobilized to help us continue the process of sheltering and reunification.  These groups have sent teams of volunteers who are experienced with large-scale disasters such as hurricanes and floods, and provide fresh, trained volunteers to continue the effort to help animals affected by the Camp Fire. 

Also, in partnership with Butte County and other local agencies, and with your kind donations, we are building a professional staff to continue the care and rehoming of Camp Fire animals, no matter how long it takes. 


We are humbled by the support we have received locally and nationally. Thank you all for your contributions of volunteer service and donations to allow us to help people by helping their animals.

We appreciate the support of our partners during this unprecedented fire event.

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