gas station with smoke from a fire in the background

Butte County Wildfire Evacuation Maps and Plan

Butte County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) – Get the most recent information here.

Know your Zone number – updated in 2020 – Click here

Evacuation Zone Maps – see Office of Emergency Management updated website.  Click to see maps.

Butte County Sheriff’s Office Announces New Evacuation Zone Map – KNOW YOUR ZONE

In the fall of 2020, BCSO’s Emergency Managers began working with CAL FIRE, Butte County Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Butte County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue, creating Evacuation Zones for all of Butte County. These zones will be used during a fire or other emergency requiring evacuations in our county. It is important to remember the last three numbers of the zone, as every zone has a different number and no two are the same. For example, the BCSO substation in Magalia is located at 14166 Skyway. The zone is: BUT-MA-289. The BUT stands for Butte, the MA stands for Magalia and the 289 is the zone number.  View New Evacuation Zone Map

Know your Escape Route – See the Butte County Office of Emergency Management website for information on the road plan for large evacuations.  Click here for roads to use during an evacuation in the foothill areas.

Get Ready!

Create an evacuation plan that includes:

  • A designated emergency meeting location outside the fire area.
  • An evacuation plan for pets and large animals such as horses and other livestock.
  • Take time now to train horses to load into a trailer.
  • A Family Communication Plan that designates an out-of-area friend or relative as a point of contact to act as a single source of communication among family members in case of separation.
  • Sign up for Emergency Notifications at

Are you prepared?

  • Assemble a “Go-Bag” for each person and each pet.
  • Pet Go-Bags should include crates, leashes, food, water, medicine, bowls and towels.
  • Have pets wear collars with tags, especially when you are away from home.
  • Download the Wildfire Evacuation Maps from Butte County. Know how to leave.
  • Keep your gas tank at least half full.