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ICS Information

The North Valley Animal Disaster Group works in coordination with emergency services including local Law Enforcement and Fire Departments. All of these agencies have adopted the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMMS) which incorporates the Incident Command System (ICS). Below are some generic charts on how incidents may be set up. The Animal Branch is in gray. As the three examples show, the organization may be expanded or collapsed depending upon the size of the incident: ICS Titles

If the incident grows and you have more than one Shelter or Evacuation Group, you will need to expand the ICS Matrix. As long as the Span of Control remains 5 or less for the Animal Branch Director to supervise, the following ICS Matrix will work: Expanded ICS

If the incident stills continue to grow and the Span of Control is too much for the Animal Branch Director, you may assign Deputy Branch Directors to help share the load: Expanded ICS Deputy Branch Directors

The Incident Command System has been described as “part science, part art”. The above examples are just guides. Work within the system to find an organization that will work best for your particular incident.