Training Schedule

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2021 Virtual Training Calendar, 3rd Thursday of each month at 1800 hours

NVADG Volunteers:  Register and get the link for these training classes through your Volunteer Impact log in.

February 18, 2021:  Small Animal Shelter – Part 1  (Intake and Release paperwork)

March 18, 2021:  Small Animal Shelter – Part 2

April 15, 2021:  Shelterly Update and Review

May 20, 2021:  Large Animal Shelter

June 17, 2021:  Psychological First Aid/Stress Management

July 15, 2021:  TBD

August 19, 2021:  TBD

September 16, 2021:  TBD

October 21, 2021:  TBD

November 18, 2021:  TBD

December 16, 2021:  TBD

During ordinary disaster incidents only NVADG-trained Disaster Service Worker (DSW) volunteers are activated for emergency sheltering and evacuation.

We train new NVADG volunteers over the 3rd weekend of January each year.  The required basic orientation training is 16-hours, done over Saturday and Sunday.  There is a ton of behind-the-scenes work to account for new volunteers training, contacts, background check and more.  For that reason we do all new volunteers at once, and once a year.  If you missed the January New Volunteer Training, calendar the 3rd weekend for next January and plan to sign-up in December!

February 2021:  Due to Covid-19, training for 2021 new volunteers has been adjusted.  2021 volunteers will receive a “Virtually Trained” NVADG badge and additional training will be required.