Preparation Training

Group training on shelter protocols

During ordinary disaster incidents only NVADG-trained Disaster Service Worker (DSW) volunteers are activated for emergency sheltering and evacuation.

Working with animals during disasters requires training before the disaster strikes.

As a certified Animal Response Team, NVADG volunteers must take the minimum 16-hour New Volunteer training class. Volunteers train all year on processes unique to emergency response during disasters. ICS knowledge is required. Team members depend on each other to know what to do and the protocols to follow.  This knowledge is essential to keep everyone safe: workers, the public and the animals. In addition, a background check is done on all volunteers.

Basic training includes:  ICS 100, 200, 700, 800, Shelter Awareness, Evacuation Awareness, Radio Awareness, Forms, Media, Animal First Aid Overview, Safe Practices, Psychological First Aid and Mutual Aid.

More advanced training includes: Fireline Safety, Large Animal handling, Radio Communications, Swiftwater, Technical Rescue, Dispatching, ICS 300, Field Operations, Leadership, PIO, and more.

Volunteers prepare themselves for activation by being physically ready, having an equipped Go-Bag and making arranges with work and family to be away from home.

We spend all year training and preparing for events we hope will never happen!