Two fire evacuations already -Make that Three…

NVADG was ready and responded to the Rocky, Apache and Thompson fires. We set up emergency animal shelters for Small and Large Animals. We evacuated animals, and provided food and water for other animals who were safe but no one was home to feed them.

Know that first thing, NVADG will set up emergency animal shelters for animals. Conditions won’t always allow us to immediately evacuate animals. You will need a plan to get your animals to the emergency shelter when evacuations are ordered. They will be safe and cared for by our volunteers until the evacuation orders are lifted.

Right here, right now, make a plan to assure your animals can be transported. Plan to take your animals with you. Work with friends, family and neighbors about moving each others’ animals if someone is away from home. Leave a hidden key; share your gate code; stock up on feed and store water.

It’s expected to be hot, dry and windy over the next four months. Let’s work together to keep all the animals safe and cared-for.

NVADG’s readiness is funded exclusively with donations. If you support what we do and can make a contribution, please see our Donate page. Thank you!